Thomas E. Boyce, Ph.D.

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Psychology of Leadership


These resources can be used to develop or supplement an event you book with us.

Dr. Boyce’s Executive Leadership Book

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The Psychology of Leadership: Awaken Your Work Culture’s Full Potential in 2 Science-Based Steps; visit to read sample pages, listen to an audio sample, and purchase for your organization or team.

Interviews with Dr. Boyce

CBS San Francisco Bay Area.  Psychologist Encourages San Francisco Bay Area Students to “Have a Passion”

Leader’s Edge.  Leading with Psychology: Some Practical Lessons to Get Better Results

Mining Quarterly (2013). Behavioral Strategist Works with the Mining Industry


Mining Quarterly.  If Your Mine Site Hasn’t Hurt Someone in a While, You May NOT Be Doing Your Job

MWorld. Using Behavioral Science to Get the Results You Want (pdf)

Training Journal.  Applying Social Learning Theory to Produce Optimal Skill Acquisition in Corporate Settings

Motivated Magazine.  It’s All About Them.  How a Focus on Others Can Nurture Your Ability to Influence and Inspire

Aggregates Manager. Giving Feedback that Motivates

*More articles, including those published by Dr. Boyce in peer-reviewed academic journals can be found by clicking here.




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