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Leadership: The Psychology of Leadership: Lessons from 120 Years of Behavioral Science that Will Make a Difference

In most organizations, leaders often rely on management strategies that focus too heavily on instructions and punitive consequences for unwanted behavior. These practices are not only minimally effective, but also have negative side effects that inhibit employee engagement in the work process. Creating an effective workplace requires a change in leadership strategies, ones that are based on scientifically validated principles. Designed for management, supervision, during this session, participants will come to understand the psychology of leadership, how to improve their own leadership behaviors, and how to develop and sustain critical behaviors among others.  Dr. Boyce has successfully led organizations through the process of meaningful culture change using these principles.

Employee Motivation/Culture Change: Create a Climate that Motivates

Businesses that achieve success and maintain it over the long-term put their people first. Dr. Boyce has led many organizations in the process of culture change that places people first, resulting in bottom-line improvement. Happy employees, proactive problem-solving, and innovation resulted from this process. Dr. Boyce will share scientifically validated “trade secrets” with humor, relevant stories, and concrete suggestions.

Culture Change: How to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement in 4 Steps

Think your employees need an attitude adjustment? Guess what, they are just responding to formal and informal aspects of your organizations current work culture. So, maybe it’s time to transform damaging traditions by winning the hearts and minds of the people that make your business work. During this presentation Dr. Boyce will teach you how culture affects behaviors and attitudes and provide you with the 4 steps to producing significant differences in thinking and behavior that can positively impact your bottom line.

Communication: Active-Assertive Communication: How to Cooperate, Collaborate, and Cut Conflict When Talking About Performance

Organizations cannot ignore the need to be proactive and constructive when talking about behavior change. However, the actions often taken when speaking about behavior are ineffective and even counterproductive at creating the change needed for an organization. Dr. Boyce has frequently helped managers, supervisors, and front-line workers use the active-assertive model of communication to minimize conflict and increase cooperation. During this talk easily learned and applied strategies for talking with others about their behavior will be provided. The result will be a spirit of collaboration and cooperation rather than conflict.

Behavior-Based Safety/Safety Culture: Build a Total Safety Culture with Employee Engagement

Safety programs that focus on avoiding injuries produce compliance. And, compliance will not help an organization to improve. The result is a safety plateau or a cyclical safety performance. Behavior-Based Safety changed the way the safety game is played. And, for 20 years, Dr. Boyce has helped organizations to engage employees in their own safety and the safety of others by focusing on what people are doing rather than on avoiding injuries. His processes have resulted in significant reductions in recordable injuries and a culture of continuous improvement. He will share the philosophy and principles of Behavior-Based Safety that will make a difference for your organization.