Thomas E. Boyce, Ph.D.

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Motivating Safety at Work @ Courtyard Marriott-Foster City, CA
Oct 23 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Learn the truth about safety programs, engaging employees, and improving safety performance. You, too, can eliminate lost-time accidents and reduce your worksite’s recordable injury rate by 50% within 1 year.

The safety industry has been focusing on the wrong things.  More rules and regulations won’t improve safety.  In fact, they can create a dependence that will have a negative effect on injury rate, employee morale, and company bottom line. Creating a safe workplace begins with good leadership and with leaders who employ practices that are based on scientifically sound principles. With a practical and evidence-based understanding of behavior, leaders can effectively engage employees in safety and generate improvements in safety performance.

This interactive workshop provides leaders, both formal and informal, with tools and practical strategies for improving their own safety leadership behaviors and engaging their employees in ways that will produce the safety results desired by them and their organizations.

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