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THOMAS E. (TED) BOYCE received a Ph.D. in applied psychology from the APA-Accredited Graduate Program at Virginia Tech and was a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is currently principal of the Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC and a sought-after conference speaker, educator, author, and executive coach.  His corporate teaching philosophy is built on the foundation that learning is being able to do something after being taught that could not be done before.  With 20 years of experience applying psychology to address business problems and improve performance, Dr. Boyce has transformed the cultures of many organizations representing several different industries including: construction, manufacturing, health care, higher education, insurance, and mining and also Federal, State, County, and City governments. Dr. Boyce has authored dozens of publications, including invited works for Psychology Builds a Healthy World (APA Press), Motivated Magazine, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and the Training Journal. He also contributes a popular regular column to Mining Quarterly. Dr. Boyce is a certified MBTI® practitioner and a full member of the American Psychological Association and the international Association for Behavior Analysis. His book, The Psychology of Leadership: Awaken Your Work Culture’s Full Potential in 2 Science-Based Steps was published in November 2014 and is available at

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