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Transformation Symphony


Click here to sample all 4 movements of the Symphony

Transformation is a rock opera in 4 movements: 1. Road to Normal (Allegro), 2. It Ain’t Over (Andante), 3. Girl in Green (Scherzo), and 4. Hold On (Allegro Moderato).  It picks up the story of “natural” man in a state of despair after years of relying on worldly wisdom to obtain love and acceptance.  We start to see his ultimate transformation to enlightenment through the spiritual and worldly love of a stranger who becomes his earthly savior.   While the 16:00 minute opus rings of spiritual themes, Transformation is by no means Christian rock. Rather, it is classic rock with a modern-edge that is borne of heartbreak and hope, trials and triumph, and passion for a better life.  While the final movement, Hold On, leaves our protagonist in a good place, it seems that he still has some unfinished business.  We can only hope that the story will be picked-up where it is left off so we can see it to the end.  Perhaps the title of the final movement is implication of more to come?  If so, we will indeed hold on for more from this San Francisco-based power duo that is producing amazing tones and textures with just 2 instruments and a voice.