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Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D. is the only applied psychologist,  formally-trained professional musician and recording artist, author, keynote speaker, university professor, Fortune 100 business consultant in the world.

Dr. Boyce’s original music rock n roll band, Ted & the StartUp, released their first full-length album on January 28, 2016 containing 13 original tracks composed by Ted and arranged by Ted and the band.  Dr. Boyce performs all vocals and bass guitar on the album and even added some performance on keys.  Another full-length album is in the conception phase as the band tours to support their debut disc.  Don’t be surprised if some of the yet unreleased songs make it onto a live set-list as the band gauges audience reaction and fine-tunes arrangements.  Ted would also be pleased to incorporate musical performance with his energetic, entertaining, and informative keynote speeches and workshops.  Qualified businesses can also commission original compositions for their private use.  The album is available for purchase on iTunes by clicking here.  Full length samples can be streamed from Sound Cloud here.

Thomas (TED) Boyce has been playing the bass guitar professionally since high school and recorded his first album as a teenager.  Having grown up in America’s epicenter of garage band rock n roll, Gainesville, FL, he has played in historical venues alongside many of Gainesville’s great musicians, including Ken Block of Sister Hazel, Jack Sizemore of the Jason Aldean Band, and Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band.  As a college student, he was selected to play bass guitar for a local performance by legendary Motown group the Drifters.

Ted received his formal musical training at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music which he attended on scholarship before leaving to travel the world playing jazz.   He later completed his degree in music performance at the University of Florida.  His love of rock n roll music brought him back to his roots during the 1990’s.  Since 2002 he has fronted two original music projects, the latest of which is TED & the StartUp. 


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